Cheney’s Got a Gun

February 18, 2006

Just to show that this blog will not exhibit the same knee-jerk, quasi-religious partisan bias that it means to shine a baleful gaze upon, I thought I’d go on the record in stating that it is perfectly in bounds for the MSM to ask why it took so long for them to learn that the Vice President of the United States was involved in an accidental shooting. It’s a fair question, and with all due respect to the fine folks at Ankle Biting Pundits, the repeated, mechanical appeal by Whitehouse Press Secretary McClellan to the need to see to Whittington’s medical care, and to an agreement between Cheney and Katherine Armstrong to let her, as an eyewitness, inform the media of the mishap, was transparently a dodge that only chummed the water for the Press Corps sharks. The best and most truthful response would have been for McClellan to ask just why the Whitehouse Press Corps felt itself entitled to be alerted instantly or even quickly of this or any other event, or to otherwise have its job done for it by the Whitehouse: especially in light of the foaming animosity it has directed at the Bush administration since (at least) the end of 2003.