100-Word Book Review: “Ring”

March 10, 2006

“Only 100 words, because you’d like to think you have better things to do.”

Ring, by Koji Suzuki

Good: This English translation of the original novel by the “Stephen King of Japan” provides enough surprises — think smallpox viruses holding a grudge and “testicular feminization syndrome” — to keep even jaded aficionados of the Japanese and American movie adaptations engrossed right up to the end. Bad: The translation is slightly clumsy at times, and the single most horrific scene in the movie versions — Sadako/Samara slithering out of the TV — isn’t in the novel. WTF?!?: Someone in the Art Department thought a hot pink op-art cover screamed “Unrelenting Tale of Horror”. Uh, NO. Grade: B+.