She’s a Cute Little Bastet, Isn’t She?

I’m a kreptacular photographer, I’ll admit. A few years ago I bought my first (and so far only) digital camera second-hand from Carl — a Kodak DC290 Zoom with a mere 2.1 megapixels (and given my lack of skill, that’s probably more pixels than I deserve). It’s a testament to the high-tech photographic smarts built into digital cameras that they can enable even inept shutterbugs like me to occasionally take really cool photographs, like this one of Mimi (snapped earlier this week, using ambient light):

“It’s both a stereo AND a bun-warmer!
Who knew?”

This almost has a studio look to it — partly it’s Mimi’s pose, with that wonderfully formal way cats have of sitting (as if they were expecting you to carve their portrait in basalt), softened a bit by a coquettish tilt of the head; partly it’s the lighting on the blue-grey wall behind her, which looks very much like a photographer’s backdrop. Of course, a real studio photographer would have managed NOT to capture a reflection of his own huge, doughy midsection in the stereo, but other than that it’s a nice picture if I say so myself. If you click on the picture above, you can see a bigger version (you KNOW you want a better look at my gut reflection, admit it).

The top of the stereo is one of Mimi’s favorite napping places, by the way. It’s warm, it’s high up (five feet at least) so she can keep an eye on things, and the incessant “NN-chik NN-chik NN-chik NN-chik” of the trance music I prefer probably kindles reassuring memories of her mommy’s heartbeat, back when she was a kitten (either that, or cats are closet ravers, though Mimi seems to prefer catnip to Ecstasy).


3 Responses to She’s a Cute Little Bastet, Isn’t She?

  1. Karyn says:

    I love it. Hey, you can photoshop out any reflection! It’s definitely poster worthy.

  2. pa2rick says:

    Thanks, Karyn! I do have Photoshop Elements, which will hopefully provide a cure for Expansive Midriff Reflection Syndrome.

  3. Mickey says:

    It is a marvelous cat photo. Yes, I did click to make the photo larger because I couldn’t quite make out the reflection. It got a little plainer (but I will tell you, the cat is still clearly the subject of the piece.) Then I discovered that there was no way back to your blog page from the enlarged photo window. Stuck with the dubious reflection of your middle! I went back into the history and back to your blog.

    Before that, what I had INTENDED initially to say about your cat photos is: yes, they are excellent photos AND (as I expected) it is your description both of the taking of them and of the interspecies meanings you capture in your exegesis of the images that I found most delightful and Pat-like.

    All real living is writing?

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