Holy Sheet!

Some guy is selling a miraculous Image of Jesus on a Piece of Sheet Metal on eBay. According to the item description, “you can actually see an image of him with arms in the air or a frontal and a side image of him”. You decide:


Sorry, but I don’t see Jesus there; I see Tom Selleck with a goatee:


Incredibly, the current bid for the Holy Sheet is $676. And if you have more money than common sense, you can buy it outright for a mere $10,000!

UPDATE: At 7:32 a.m. today the Holy Sheet sold on eBay for $10,000 — Blessed Tom Selleck preserve us! The buyer was The Ticket Source, Inc., a ticket brokering service operating out of Dallas, TX. Oh … kay …


4 Responses to Holy Sheet!

  1. Grace says:

    Gentlemen! A blog! How delightful. So, is the Baleful Eye anything like the Eye of Sauron? I just want to know who I’m dealing with here . . .

  2. Mary Borhek says:

    Gee, Pat, I thought you had grown a beard and dyed it when I saw the picture of Tom Selleck. Before that I thought you were being shy and that was a blurry ethereal picture of you! Apparently if you say somethng looks like Jesus or the Virgin Mary you can sell cheese sandwiches or sheet metal or anything on eBay for unbelievable amounts of money. When did people lose their smarts? Is it due to Al Quaeda????

  3. pa2rick says:

    Hi, Grace! The Baleful Eye is only like Sauron’s in that it’s a cat’s eye (courtesy of my Tiffy) and is “watchful and intent … searching this way and that” (LR:364) — but unlike Sauron’s, the Baleful Eye stands for Goodness and Truth and Light and Fluffy Bunnies Hopping Through Sunlit Meadows in Springtime. You know, all the qualities people online usually associate with Carl and me.

    Hi, Mary! I’ll ‘fess up to being blurry and ethereal rather than Tom Selleck-y, that’s for sure. As for Jesus manifesting Himself in a cheese sandwich or whatever, on one hand it’s fascinating to see how the human mind is wired to perceive patterns in randomness, but on the other hand it’s sad to see how desperate some people are to have their faith validated by such tawdry “miracles”.

  4. Cathy Carlin says:

    I, for one, do not feel the least bit desperate in my eternal search for validation of faith. Not even when I was certain I saw the Blessed Mother in Jaime’s latest poopy diaper. Current bid on ebay? $0.00 Who knew??!

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