Friday Catblogging: Meet My Girls

After 40+ years of being a “dog person”, in 2003 I decided it was time for a change of pace and adopted two cats (both domestic shorthairs of dubious lineage). I quickly became a cat-convert — nauseatingly so, I am told by friends. Hey, any housepet that instinctively buries their bidness in a box of deodorizing sand and doesn’t bark frantically at every falling leaf outside is all right by me!

So, meet my girls:


“Submit to my Fluffy White Tummy, puny human! Worship it!”

Name: “Tiffy” is short for Tifil, the Goldogrin form of Tevildo (meaning ‘Hater’), the monstrous demon-cat in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Book of Lost Tales”. A.k.a. Tiff-Tiff or The Tiffinatrix. Personality: Tiffy’s name is intentionally ironic, since she’s quite the dainty little princess and a veritable black hole of emotional neediness who is constantly demanding lots of love and attention. Coat: Tiffy’s a “dilute” calico, meaning her spots are grey and fawn rather than black and red. Likes: tummy rubs; playing with rabbit-fur-covered toy mice (she knows the sound of the kitchen drawer in which the Sacred Holy Mice are kept, and comes running when she hears it being opened). Weird dietary preference: loves yogurt and Jello.


“Well if you didn’t want me to break it, then
why did you hide it on top of the fridge?”

Name: “Mimi” is short for Miaulin, another Goldogrin name (hey, I’m a language geek, so sue me), this one meaning ‘she-cat’. A.k.a. Meemers, Meemerton Q. Cornflake, Farmcat. Personality: Mimi’s my mischief-maker; but like her “sister”, she’s a gooey little love-sponge at heart, and often acts up just to get some attention. Coat: brown mackerel tabby. Likes: pushing things off counters and tables and watching the results; climbing up onto unlikely places; dangly cat-toys-on-strings; chewing on bendy straws. Weird dietary preference: Likes eating coffee beans.


4 Responses to Friday Catblogging: Meet My Girls

  1. Karyn says:

    Adorable, but definitely WEIRD dietary preferences! The craziest cat we ever had was “Toby” (a girl) who thought she was a dog. Seriously. We had 4 cats and a dog and she thought she was a dog too. The poor dog would just roll his eyes when he came in from being outside as Toby would sniff every outdoor sensation from his fur that she could (she was an indoor cat). She slept next to (read “on top of”) Foxfire (the dog), and would try to eat his food. She would bring crumpled up pieces of paper for you to throw for her to fetch. Pets. Gotta love ’em. Of course, we are now pet-less, except for the pet rocks and pine cones that I have on my desk. At least they don’t eat much or smell.

  2. Carl says:

    My previous cat, Quantum, LOVED cooked broccoli. If he got hold of a piece, he would scurry under a chair with it and make voracious growling noises while he ate it.

  3. Berni Bratwoman says:

    Oo! Oo! They are sooooo cuuuuute!!! I love a tummy-rubbin’ cat. And the attitude of Miss Mimi — you can tell she won’t be quietly dying in a garret like her operatic namesake. Thanks for the kitty pics! Squeeee!!!

  4. Cathy Carlin says:

    I’m feeling a little uncomfortable……I, too, like tummy rubs and playing with rabbit fur covered toy mice…..have you been peeking in my windows again, Patrick??

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