Grumpy Old Men

Well then — I guess this is that “blogging” thing all the kids are talking about nowadays.

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s early writings, the Gnomes had a saying: i·weg na an fofrin ‘man is a foolish creature’. While this is pretty bitchy, especially coming from a race sharing their name with a lawn ornament, it’s also undeniably true — and it’s nowhere more evident than on the Internet. I’m glad that Carl has started this blog to cast a “baleful eye” on the foolishness that runs rampant here in cyberspace (and elsewhere), and grateful that he’s asked me to be a contributor.

This opportunity comes at a particularly appropriate time for me; if you can imagine 2006 as a long, dark tunnel, then my 50th birthday is the light at the end of it. Yes, this is the year in which I’ll officially be entering middle age (and if it weren’t for my pesky Y chromosome I’d be able to join the Red Hat Society). My mother once noted that as she entered her 50s she started “getting feisty”, and now I’m seeing the same process in myself — I no longer suffer fools gladly (myself included), and CavScrip will provide a nice way for me to vent (and hopefully be entertaining in the process).

Oh, and there WILL be Friday catblogging. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


6 Responses to Grumpy Old Men

  1. Carl says:

    I’ll own up to the “grumpy” part, and of course the “man”, but I don’t think I’m willing to own the “old” just yet, despite the proliferation of gray in the beard and the slowly increasing minimum focus distance. Let’s just say I’m gaining character, like a fine wine.

  2. Mary Borhek says:

    Holy shamoly, Pat, you’re going to HOW old? 50? I can’t believe it. Just yesterday you were—well, now that I think of it, I’m so far over the hill I can’t remember! However, no matter what age you get to be you’ll still be the same sweet goof you were when you thought Kame (commie) crackers meant I’d joined the Communist party!

  3. Sarah Beach says:

    Have I known you THAT long? Gee!

    But who’s counting anyway? And welcome to the world of blogging!

  4. pa2rick says:

    Yeah, come this Dec. 15th, I’m hitting the big Five-Oh (or is it hitting me?). That stupid space-time continuum makes everything difficult! And Commie Crackers — oh my, I’d almost forgotten about them! That happened the year you and I flew out to Mythcon in CA together, and visited with Kay Lindskoog, right?

  5. Berni Bratwoman says:

    1. I believe middle age starts somewhat earlier than 50. If the average lifespan is 72, then wouldn’t you be middle-aged at 36?

    2. I hit the big 5-0 last summer, and I was not a happy camper. It was compounded by the fact that the following day, my husband left me. Okay, he came back again (he’d gone to England for that pesky Tolkien conference), but the fact stands that I turned 50 and was left by my husband.

    3. Why would you want to join the Red Hat society? My mother belongs and it sounds terribly boring, unless you’re really into shopping and having lunch with the ladies, which I am not. Tea with the Elves is much more fun!

  6. pa2rick says:

    Hi Berni! What is the proper term of address when talking to a Bratwoman? I’m going with “Bratma’am”.

    1) You mean I’ve been middle-aged for thirteen years and didn’t know it? How depressing! I’d prefer to think that middle age begins at 50, and that I’m going to live to be 100.

    3) I’m thinking of starting a men’s version of the Red Hat Society, and calling it “The Green Liver Society”. Then again, this might be incompatible with living to be 100 …

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