The Dreyfuss Affair

The headlines trumpet, “Actor Richard Dreyfuss Calls For Bush Impeachment”.

Er, isn’t the real news in fact, “Actor Richard Dreyfuss Still Alive”?

Such “brave” Bush-bashing statements are certainly effective for turning the approving gaze of the MSM towards actors whose moribund careers certainly aren’t getting them mentioned — or paid. Why anyone should care to know, or pay particular attention to, what an actor — any actor, let alone one whom most people couldn’t pick out of a lineup — has to say about foreign policy, the law, or government — that is, any more than they do what their next-door neighbor or the mailman has to say — is a perennial mystery. But neither does it reflect well on the MSM’s estimation of the intelligence of its audience that they consider such transparently self-serving, publicity-seeking pronouncements newsworthy (so long, of course, as they dutifully echo and support the agenda of the MSM).


One Response to The Dreyfuss Affair

  1. Cathy Carlin says:

    Exactly….what you said.
    I have long wondered why it is that people who play “dress-up” and “make believe” think that we common folk would give a s*%! about their political or social views. (But then, when you listen to them go on about the importance of the roles they play, and the films they are in, and how they are bringing such an important message/service to the people…it all kinda makes sense: we are quite full of ourselves, aren’t we!)

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