Meeting the Hollywood-Mandated Minimum Baldwin Requirement (MBR)

Don’t you love it when someone’s own argument disproves their case? I just think it’s downright decent when sophists do all the real work for you!

Case in point: Baldwin Clone #273-A (the “Alec” model) asserts that Dick Cheney is a terrorist. Of course, if this were true, then The Alec-Baldwin would now be cooling his heels (and most likely charging his testicles) in a dank basement somewhere, nervously awaiting his inevitable beheading. So the fact that this hasn’t happened, and won’t, both disproves the assertion, and shows up the vapid faux-courageous posturing that all Hollywood “liberals” love to indulge, so long as there is not the proverbial ice-cube’s chance of any repercussion save for further doting upon by an adoring MSM.

The Alec-Baldwin then goes on to claim that Cheney “terrorizes … innocent citizens here at home”. OK, show of hands: are you terrorized by Dick Cheney? Do you know anyone who is? I mean, beyond those who cultivate a paranoid victimhood because it looks great on their mental resume and boosts their sense of relevance and self-importance, but who in truth face nothing more fearful from the government than a reduced grant and the prospect of actually having to earn a wage commensurate with the value of their “work”? And, of course, beyond those with actual terrorist intent — and can’t we all agree that they should be made to feel at least a little bit nervous?


2 Responses to Meeting the Hollywood-Mandated Minimum Baldwin Requirement (MBR)

  1. Sarah Beach says:

    Well, I do think Cheney is alarming in many of his attitudes and behavior (I mean, using profanity on the floor of the Senate, just because someone annoyed him?). But a terrorist? Nah.

  2. Cathy Carlin says:

    Lest I find myself in his next hunting party, I cannot say that Mr VP poses an immediate danger to me, either.

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